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Materials Management

Work directly with Permatech Electronics to save on shipping and material costs. Permatech Electronics is a circuit board assembler that sets a high standard in board assembly service by leveraging our industry partnerships to source all materials and components including PCBs to provide a complete turnkey solution and deliver a complete assembly according to your specifications.

The materials used in the manufacture of a printed circuit board are critical to the success of the project. For example, using the right materials can render the board viable for use in stressful situations such as components exposed to higher than average operating temperatures. As a circuit board assembler, Permatech has a team of technicians and designers who are experienced in the use of different materials to suit different situations. We have materials experts in our service who can consult with you and provide you with recommendations for printed circuit board materials for your specific needs.

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  • PCB assembly
  • PCB assembly

When you work with Permatech, the premier circuit board assembler out there, you’re taking a step in the right direction for the effective and viable manufacture of your board. We can recommend suppliers for you to get the right materials from, or we can use materials you supply us with. Conversely, we can also give you the full service option, where we make recommendations and ship the materials for the manufacture of your board in ourselves. Any great circuit board assembler has their own network of contacts in the materials industry capable of supplying them with the right materials for the job. We are no different.

Our facility is staffed by dedicated individuals who will strive to source the most cost effective components to meet your allotted budget for your products.

  • Save cost by leveraging
    our material partners
  • Our staff will find the best deal
    to meet your allotted budget
  • We only source high
    quality components

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