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At Permatech Electronics we understand that the profitability of your business relies on cost-effective quality products. Permatech Electronics is focused on the continual improvement and innovation of our contract manufacturing services in order to serve you better. When we build you an electronic circuit board assembly, we do so with your requirements in mind, as well as a focus on economical pricing while sticking to the highest of industry standards for circuit board assembly.

What makes Permatech Electronics a leader in the circuit board assembly industry?


When you have your product manufactured by us, you are buying excellence. Your products are inspected to ensure they meet and exceed all applicable electronic circuit board assembly standards, ensuring you quality in each piece of hardware. We develop and regularly improve our internal processes under the ISO 9001:2008 mandate to eliminate inconsistencies and to produce increasingly superior results. Permatech Electronics’ persistence in innovation and improvement gives you the peace of mind that your production run is guaranteed perfection. We don’t just perform quality assurance because we have to – we do it because we want to ensure the best possible circuit board assembly delivered to you.


Permatech Electronics specializes in the rapid turnaround of low volume to high volume production runs and circuit board assembly. Permatech Electronics can handle low to high complexity products in low to medium to high volumes. We are happy to provide a prototype quantity upon request. Our experienced and skilled staff is the backbone of Permatech Electronics’ exceptional circuit board assembly service. The electronic circuit board assembly knowledge and skills accrued through years of growth produce superior quality products – every time. This guarantee of fast, precision manufacturing in every aspect of our circuit board assembly procedure is what makes us one of the most in-demand manufacturers around.

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