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Additional Service

We go above and beyond as a contract manufacturer to provide you excellence in product, price, and service. Our focus is on combining high quality and competitive pricing in order to construct the optimal solution – save cost without sacrificing product quality. What else can we do for you?


Permatech Electronics is a leading manufacture of circuit boards and offers prototyping services for recurring customers. Because we serve a diverse range of industries, we are able to adapt to the specifications of your prototype regardless of complexity or industry. Permatech Electronics’ mission is to be a dependable contract manufacturer and long-term partner for your business.

Additional services are available in addition to board assembly, such as functional testing (with customer supplied fixtures), water soluble flux, final box build assembly, UL/CSA/TUV approval, or conformal coating (an outsourced service). Ask us - the leading board assembler - about the services you may require when placing your quote request.

  • Prototyping available for repeat customers
  • Burn In Testing / Conformal Coating service available on request
  • Final Box Build Assembly Service
  • UL/CSA, TUV approval capability (per customer requirements)
  • Knowledgeable staff available to answer additional service requests

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