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4 Ways Experts Avoid Mistakes in Circuit Board Assembly
4 Ways Experts Avoid Mistakes in Circuit Board Assembly
May 17, 2019

While the simplest circuit board has only one layer, some circuit boards have up to 36 layers. It is indeed not an easy task to assemble a circuit board properly. Too often, common mistakes result in circuit board assembly failures such as short-circuiting, which can damage delicate components.



This often happens due to poor planning and a lack of knowledge and experience with the assembly process.



At Permatech Electronics, our technicians utilize a meticulous process and adhere to the highest standards, successfully avoiding all-too-common mistakes in circuit board assembly such as:


1. Shortage in power


In every stage of circuit board assembly, it is crucial that the board’s electrical power is checked thoroughly. Otherwise, there may be a shortage of power which will compromise the functionality of the entire board. This is why Permatech does cold tests and inspections regularly to ensure our circuit boards are up to standard.


2. Improper component fitting


When components are placed improperly on the board, mechanical issues will occur. A light, precise touch is needed from a trained technician, who will know the appropriate distance at which to place components so that they are not too close to each other, which will make soldering difficult. This requires knowledge of the mechanical dimensions of the components and precise calculations.


3. Issue with clearance


This is a common problem encountered during circuit board assembly wherein the design does not adhere to clearance constraints. At Permatech, we have an in-depth understanding of the assembly process as well as the components, therefore avoiding this problem.  


4. Problems with the drill


It is important to select the appropriate drill for the assembly process and understand its capabilities. Selecting the wrong drill can result in the increase of costs and assembly failure, but expert who are well-versed in the specifications of specialized drills will know which kinds of equipment best serve the situation. 



In order to avoid all these mistakes that can happen during circuit board assembly, it helps to go through trusted and credible experts.



Get in touch with Permatech Electronics today and worry no more.

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