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Importance of Printed Circuit Board Testing
Importance of Printed Circuit Board Testing
April 05, 2018

As technology advances, demand for complex and accurate electronics increases. Printed Circuit Boards often cover a wide array of tasks and functions, processing almost everything in our lives with as much as 3 times as many electronics being manufactured today. This high demand in performance requires that a circuit board of the highest quality and caliber, with a consistent performance output and reliability to boot. At Permatech, we ensure quality and accuracy through extensive  printed circuit board testing.


Rigorous Testing for Printed Circuit Boards


By conducting a battery of stringent tests on the printed circuit board during testing, we can conclude if the design is adequate or inconsistent. Anything short of 100% performance is deemed unreliable; we keep a high standard to insure only the highest quality is released. The test procedures are in several different steps that cover different aspects of the printed circuit board’s functionality. They are:

IPC Standard- All our Printed Circuit Board Assemblies are subjected to tests and inspections that meet IPC Standards, these battery of tests are formulated to ensure the highest quality of printed circuit boards are the only ones that will pass.

Functional Testing- With smart testing procedures such as flow testing of current and analysis, the proper functioning ability and the performance desired can be checked under operating loads as far as the electrical system goes. This makes sure that the boards are ready to function to their full potential.

AOI Testing- Automated Optical Inspection is a clever way of inspection that virtually eliminates human-error when it comes to visual inspection and consistency. The proper design is the only passing standard when it comes to AOI Testing, making this one of the more crucial inspection test conducted for the PCB Assembly.

Reliability and consistency starts quality materials, design and a highly efficient schematic to be transferred to a printed circuit board lay-out. The final piece of the puzzle is the stringent battery of tests to make sure the same top quality is produced every time. At Permatech, we are proud to meet al international standard of quality and precision. Contact us today to learn more!

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