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Take Advantage of Electronic Circuit Board Assembly
Take Advantage of Electronic Circuit Board Assembly
August 20, 2018

Printed circuit boards (PCBs for short) are at the center of virtually all modern electronics. Our technology today, like smartphones, tablets, televisions, and many more, are made possible because of PCBs. The importance of electronic devices has skyrocketed, making it essential that companies employ electronic circuit board assembly to ensure PCBs are fully functional and assembled perfectly.


Electronic circuit board assembly is an intricate process that is fundamental in creating a functional and effective product.


Here are the reasons why you need an expert in electronic circuit board assembly:


  • Reduce Overall Cost: There are surface-mount technology (SMT) assemblers that use proprietary software to make digital representations of schematics design. These specialists fix design errors before the start of the assembly process. Staff engineers help fix tangles by making sure that all components are placed properly on the PCB. This enables the PCB designers to minimize the risk of project delays, reducing any unnecessary monetary losses.
  • Eliminates the Problems of Hand-Assembly: Assembling PCBs by hand is not easy. This is because printed circuit boards and electronic components are getting smaller. Each part must be soldered without error. Using electronic circuit board assembly minimizes any room for error, meeting all specifications for any unique designs with no deviation.
  • Shorten Development Cycle of Product: Partnering with an assembly service provider offers many benefits, including peace of mind knowing your complex PCB is in professional hands. Your product will be assembled to be in pristine working condition, allowing you to focus on other aspects of production and design. This shortened development cycle will let you save production time and money, since steps are being completed congruently.


Permatech Electronics are the leading provider of electronic circuit board assembly in the GTA for over decades. We offer accurate, high quality, and cost-effective assembly services, creating boards that are durable and precise.

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