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The 4 Layers of the Circuit Board
The 4 Layers of the Circuit Board
March 12, 2019

To understand how crucial printed circuit boards (PCBs) are to many industries, including your own business, it would be helpful to learn about the different layers of the circuit board and the circuit board assembly process. This blog outlines the four main layers of the circuit board, and the role each layer plays in the circuit board’s functionality.


1. The Substrate

The first step in circuit board assembly is finding the right substrate material. Many elements of a PCB rely on the performance of the base that holds all components of the circuit board together. A substrate can be made of solid fiberglass or flexible polymers, depending on the client’s preference. Needless to say, a circuit board assembler must choose the right substrate material to build a high-quality PCB. 


2. Traces

Traces carry electrical signals between different components of the circuit board. Without them, it is impossible for the PCB to function. Copper is the most common metal element used to make traces because it is an excellent conductor of electricity. Copper traces can transmit electrical signals with great efficiency.


3. The Soldermask

The soldermask is a layer added to the circuit board for the purpose of insulating the copper traces, which helps to prevent short circuiting. Most PCBs are green because they are either made with glass-epoxy, which is naturally green, or they are coated with a green soldermask, which is the standard color used by many manufacturers.


4. The Silkscreen

The silkscreen is the last layer incorporated into the circuit board assembly process. Usually printed in white ink, the silkscreen is a combination of letters, numbers and shapes that instructs the function of each component on the circuit board. While silkscreens can also be blue, grey or red, white ink is commonly used because it is easily identifiable on a green board.


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Thanks for the article - this was easy to understand and helpful!
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