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The Methods of Printed Circuit Board Assembly
The Methods of Printed Circuit Board Assembly
July 15, 2016

Different technologies can be used in printed circuit board assembly and this will depend on the final product which intends to be achieved or the manufacturing company’s preference. The major technologies include:


  • Through hole technology
  • Surface mount technology
  • Mixed technology


The through hole technology was introduced and it came as a major break for printed circuit board assembly as it replaced most of the traditional methods like point to point connections. It was quickly embraced especially in the eighties although it had some short comings such as the increase of board costs since it requires a lot of accurately drilled holes.  In this form of technology, the electronic parts which are mounted with lead are inserted in holes through to the other side of the board and then attached to copper traces. The boards can be of different forms: single sided or double sided.  The leads are then bent at 90 degrees for horizontal installation.


While surface mount technology was there since the sixties, it was not embraced until the eighties. It came about with many merits like reduction in the cost of labor, high automation and enhanced the output of production. Unlike the former technology, surface mount parts are smaller in size and allows smaller production of printed circuit board assembly. Mixed technology on the other hand is a combination of the two methods though it’s not commonly used.


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