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Video: Choosing The Right People For PCBA
Video: Choosing The Right People For PCBA
July 23, 2018


Printed circuit board assembly, or PCBA, is a crucial step in the production process for many different industries. Circuit boards, in fact, are at the center of modern life – powering everything from your home electronics to large-scale manufacturing.


Some companies have their PCBA in-house, while others choose to get the services of respected professionals. When choosing a PCB assembler, the choice is an incredibly important one! These circuit boards need to be manufactured carefully and exactly. The cost and time needed to produce them is also very important.  


At Permatech, quality, speed and precision are simply part of our company identity. We know the importance of what we do. We pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer, too, adapting to the needs of our clients. Want learn more about our PCBA process or how we can help you specifically? Give Permatech a call today!

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