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What Happens Before Electronic Circuit Boards Are Assembled?
What Happens Before Electronic Circuit Boards Are Assembled?
February 13, 2017

 A lot goes into electronic circuit board assembly. In earlier times, designing used to be done by creation of a photo mask which is averagely two or even four times the actual size on a Mylar sheet. Traces would then be routed to ensure connection of the pads. With time, rub on dry transfers were introduced and they increased efficiency in the sector. However, modern designs are quite different and they include a number of steps.

While designing the gadget before electronic circuit board assembly, the first step involves schematic capturing. This is done with the use of an EDA or rather electronic design automation tool. The next step involves deciding on the dimensions of the card to be used whose figures are based on required circuitry. The heat sink position is then determined. Other steps which are followed in designing a printed circuit board include:

  • Determining the line impedance
  • Placing the components
  • Routing the signal traces
  • Generating Gerber files
  • deciding on the PCB layer stack


The design process in electronic circuit board assembly is valuable. Permatech Electronic Corporations has been in operation for many years and is known to be a leader in printed circuit board manufacture. With a combination of talented professionals and experience acquired over the years, they have managed to be on the top of the list in terms of quality and durability of their products. 

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