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A Guide to Surface Coating: Circuit Board Assembler 101
A Guide to Surface Coating: Circuit Board Assembler 101
May 25, 2018

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) involves a lot of considerations when attaining a high standard of quality: from surface finish, solder mask, to board size and thickness. Surface finish plays a significant role in determining how reliable the electronic product offered by a circuit board assembler will be.


Also known as surface coating, surface finish is the most crucial step in the process between manufacturing and assembly.


Employing a certified, experienced and reputable circuit board assembler is critical in meeting the high demands and requirements of most modern electronics.


At Permatech, we stand by the precision, quality and speed of our work.


Surface coating serves two primary functions: preservation of exposed copper circuitry, and provision of solderable surface for mounting components to the board. Being a coating for copper, surface finish is placed above copper which is at the outermost layer of PCB.


There are different choices for a surface finish which can be grouped into two main types: organic and metallic. ENIG/ENEPIG, HASL, ImAg and ImSn are metallic surface finishes while OSP is considered organic.


Electroless nickel immersion gold, or ENIG, protects nickel from oxidation with its electroless plating bathed in a layer of immersion gold. It has flat surface and features high temperature resistance, and is suited for SMT and lead-free soldering. Electroless nickel electroless palladium immersion gold, or ENEPIG, uses palladium to prevent nickel from oxidation and copper layer from diffusion. It has very reliable wire bonding capacity and can withstand excellent multiple reflow cycles. It is ideal for PCBA processes such as THT, SMT, press fit, and more. 


With a highly experienced and fully certified circuit board assembler like Permatech, any enterprise can count on the highest standard of quality and precision, employing the best methods for each individual project.


To learn more about our process, quality standards and capabilities, contact Permatech today.

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