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Advanced Board Finishing Techniques You Need to Know
Advanced Board Finishing Techniques You Need to Know
March 06, 2017

There are various advanced techniques deployed in perfecting the workmanship on printed boards. The article below gives tips on how to add value on every piece you craft. In fact, every circuit board assembler needs to have a glimpse of the tips that make his workpiece a masterpiece.


Through-hole plating

Through hole plating involves laminating a board’s surface with an electromagnetic palladium film. By walling the cavities left after soldering your components on the board, a naturally galvanized surface is obtained.


Resist lamination and exposure

Resist lamination entails exposing newly developed PCB boards to extreme temperatures and pressure. This ensures that the entire PCB POOL panel is evenly laminated with a dry resist photosensitive film, giving it a classy finish. An experienced circuit board assembler can combine a number of techniques, yielding better finishes in this class. Resist exposure on the other hand entails exposing the previously generated photo plots to UV light, creating a smooth lining.


Resist stripping

The process involves stripping the photo-resist layer on the board with 2.5% caustic potash. The solution allows for the surface of the board to be evenly coated, protecting it from corrosion. Alternatively, nitric tin stripping can also be done, but care should be taken to avoid the solution from coming into contact with the assembler’s skin.


Silk screening

Silk screening involves the creation of imprints on freshly produced circuit boards. By printing on the solder marks, the print head evenly spreads the coating material on the board as defined on the Gerber data.

Whilst not every technique can be used on your board, you need to know the right finishing technique to be used. This allows you to define the nature of environments that the board can be best used. Make sure you find out the necessary information for your electronic needs with our help. 

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