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Circuit Board Assembly and the Processing Methods
Circuit Board Assembly and the Processing Methods
July 29, 2016

When fixing components on a circuit board, you can decide to do it on one side or both depending on the number of components you want to fix. It’s one of the basic steps of circuit board assembly and the types included are:


Subtractive method

In this case, all the copper on the copper coated board is removed from the material leaving only the necessary parts.


Additive method

This method in circuit board assembly involves electroplating a pattern in the board by the use of a more complicated method. It’s more advantageous than the subtractive method in that it generates lesser waste and uses fewer materials. Here, a photosensitive material is used to cover the laminate. To sensitize the area, chemical baths are used to make a hole through to ensure that the area is able to bond metal ions. Copper is then used to plate the sensitized areas.


Semi additive

It’s the most popular method whereby un patterned boards with small layers of copper are already in place. Reverse marks can then be applied and then copper is plated on it according to the desired weight. Other things like tin and lead can be added while the masks are removed and also an etching step is done to remove the copper which is exposed from its board. It’s not only a process done on double sided boards as some of the single sided boards we have in the market are done using this method.


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Circuit board assembly doesnt have to be complicated
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