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Circuit Board Assembly: Compliance to Standards
Circuit Board Assembly: Compliance to Standards
December 05, 2017

A circuit board assembly is an incredibly complex procedure. Assembly of the board itself, choosing the right components (and quantity of components), and proper soldering technique are all crucial elements of the process. It is not enough that it works; it should be reliable in the long term, because circuit board assembly is a process that is at the heart of nearly every electronic product created today.


Permatech’s quality control for circuit board assembly is always in compliance with the standards of ISO-9001:2008 and IPC Levels II & III.


What is IPC Level II & III?

The IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies is a generally accepted standard that defines the acceptability of the electronic product. Its primary feature is the division of electronic products into numeric levels. Level I is the basic adherence – generally, if it works, it can pass as Level I.


Long-term reliability comes in starting with Level II. This is where most electronics will fall under, allowing for some imperfection as long as the product runs as designed for as long as it needs to. A Level III rating requires continuous excellence in the long-term and does not allow any downtime or imperfections. All Permatech boards are assembled under Level II or III guidelines, to ensure maximum quality for the intended application of the end product.


Complying with ISO-9001: 2008

ISO-9001: 2008 is an internationally recognized standard in quality management. This means we maintain a high set of standards in our quality system, and ensure consistent results in maintaining our high-standard products. We are dedicated to continuously improving our processes to give you the best circuit board assembly we possibly can.


One of the big advantages of Permatech Electronics is the strict compliance to these procedures in our manufacturing and production line. Because of our efficiency, we are able to maintain a high yield without compromising the quality of the finished board. We are always faithful to our promise to maintain the highest standards of accuracy – no matter how complex your task may be.

Understanding standards is important so you know what expectations you should have when hiring any kind of contractor.
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