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Circuit Board Assembly in a Nutshell
Circuit Board Assembly in a Nutshell
February 27, 2018

Circuit boards are at the heart of electronics today. Without circuit boards, we would not achieve the massive advancements in computer technology of the 21st century. Before printed circuit boards were invented, circuit boards were assembled by hand. At that time, it was impossible to build multi-layered circuit boards due to the complexity of connections. Hand assembly was inconsistent and time-consuming, with a myriad of problems. However, with today’s advancements in circuit board assembly, fast, efficient and optimally functioning circuit boards have become the commercial standard.


Circuit board assembly is done in three types. They can be single-sided, double-sided or multi-layered.


Single-sided boards have components attached on one side of the board. Double-sided boards are used when components are too many to fit on one side so both sides of the boards have components attached to them.


Circuit connections between the two sides are made by drilling holes and lining the inside of the holes with conductive material. The holes must be drilled at appropriate locations in order to establish correct connections. Drilling holes simplifies the circuit network as opposed to connections across both sides without the holes. The multilayered circuit boards have layers of circuits separated by layers of insulation. The components on the different layers are connected to circuits through plated holes.


Outsourcing circuit board assembly has great benefits for any enterprise. When professional circuit board assemblers do the work, your company is guaranteed professional input on designs and blueprints before assembly even begins. This way, any design errors or missed marks are corrected before beginning the assembly. This results in efficient manufacturing and less reworking. Professional assembly ensures correct soldering, especially for very small circuit boards.


Professional circuit board assembly is done using modern automated machinery, which ensures the accuracy and consistency of the final product. Automation enables neat copper traces and quality soldering, for example, yielding higher precision.


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