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Important Aspects to Consider in Choosing the Best Circuit Board Assembler
Important Aspects to Consider in Choosing the Best Circuit Board Assembler
February 23, 2018

Hiring a top-notch circuit board assembler with the right skills and expertise is crucial for any electronic manufacturing company. This will make sure that they get high-quality boards that are essential to their production line and operations. This allows any enterprise to produce high quality and operational end products for demanding consumers. Failing to outsource this task to a good and reliable company will jeopardize the company’s production and sales.


If your enterprise or project is researching a reliable and certified circuit board assembler, you have to make sure to consider several aspects.


Your enterprise needs to make sure that it partners with a very capable contractor who is able to provide the high-quality boards made to specification. To make this daunting task easier, here are the most important aspects you have to consider:


Facility - In choosing a good and reliable circuit board assembler, you have to consider the facilities that they have. One of the most important components in producing high-quality circuit boards is having the right facilities and tools. Without the proper facility, it will be impossible to manufacture a well-functioning board.


Technicians - A good and reputable manufacturing company that specializes in circuit board assembly and printing should have well-trained and professional staff. Staff that has the right skills, certificates and expertise to efficiently produce operational and high-quality PCBs. The company should have the experience to make sure that they can handle even the most demanding tasks.


System - The contractor you will hire should have a working system when it comes to production. They should have an efficient and smooth process to make sure that each vital component of the board works smoothly. A proven system of production and quality assurance will allow the contractor to handle even the most demanding orders and customization you may require. 



At Permatech Electronics, we are fully certified to produce cutting-edge technology. We have the modern facilities and experienced staff to meet any standard of quality. Contact us today to speak with a consultant!

We are extremely satisfied with the work, nothing like it anywhere else
Posted by: Rob | April 19, 2018, 12:56 pm
Ask for a tour of their facilities, you'll be knocked back! very high precision/quality
Posted by: Jared | March 6, 2018, 2:46 pm
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