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Common Circuit Board Assembler Projects
Common Circuit Board Assembler Projects
September 30, 2016

A circuit board is a supporter and connector for electronic components that works with pads and connecting tracks to create an electro-sensitive device. It is the work of the circuit board assembler to ensure different components are fixed properly to enhance functionality.


 Breadboards are the oldest class of circuit breakers which are not common nowadays due to the emergence of other and better functioning devices. They are still known for their quick prototyping ability and ability to re-use. However, as they say, every good has its bad and in this case the bad is known as rigidity which has led them to being phased out over the years.


Etched circuit boards


The biggest disadvantage of etched printed circuit boards is that they are time consuming and a lot of cost and time will be spend in wait for the manufacturing process to be accomplished. However - mechanisms to reduce the time consumption have been implemented by many modern circuit board assembler companies, such as ensuring you drop the right components at the right place.




A perfboard is another type of circuit board which is a favorite to most board makers. It is sub categorized into strip board which is made of parallel copper strips. The strips function by creating a conducive thread in between the components without having to add a wire. In a bid to ensure that no short circuiting takes place, breaks can be created in between the copper strings and this works perfectly.


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