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Consideration in Turn-key Circuit Board Assembly
Consideration in Turn-key Circuit Board Assembly
April 11, 2017

The production of micro-electronics can be considered as turnkey or fables, depending on the production process followed.  As an art, the process allows for the production of fully assembled printed boards for various consumer oriented uses. Specialist skills and expertise is required in administering the process as to yield the desired outcomes. Here are some tips to help you develop an excellent electronic circuit board assembly process for your cosigned products.


The consigned materials

A customer might opt to supply specialist components for the assembly of their printed boards. Here, speed and accuracy in the selection of the right materials is critical in making the process complete. The inventory of the components supplied by the customer should also match the specifications given in the schematic designs of the end product. When poorly matched, the results can be fatal, and at times lead to burnouts of the board.



All assigned kits should undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to determine their suitability and efficiency when soldered on the circuit board. By properly auditing the kits delivered for assembly on the board, you reduce the possibility of having missing components, as well as having low outputs in the final board. Your electronic circuit board assembly specialist should guide you on the right components to bring for assembly on the board.


Cosigned kit considerations

In addition to having the right cosigned kits for your assembly process, you also need to have the right metrics of the kit put into consideration. Permatech Electronics recommends the use of 2-3% overages for boards to be passively used and 1% for active boards. By having the extra cost set aside for your kits, you are able to effectively alleviate shortages as well as enhancing special handling capabilities during the assembly process.

To know the right components for your assembly process and create a great electronic circuit board assembly, feel free to read up on more articles!

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