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Ensuring A Quality PCB With The Function Test (FCT)
Ensuring A Quality PCB With The Function Test (FCT)
May 09, 2018

It is only recently that we discussed how Automated Optical Inspection – a printed circuit board testing technique – is used mid-manufacturing to check for surface defects on the printed circuit board assembly. We deploy AOI at numerous points in the assembly line to ensure efficiency through a quick but comprehensive evaluation of the PCB.


However, to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction for our clients, we rely on Function Testing (FCT) for printed circuit board testing to validate the functionality of the board before sending it out.


The Function Test (FCT) is the final stage in the production process which validates the performance of the PCB.


The simple premise of FCT is this: to simulate the board in the environment in which it is going to work. In this printed circuit board testing the entire PCB is checked using a variety of test probes. What must be realized is that the testing cannot emulate exactly what the prospective user of the board will use it for; rather it performs tests to ensure that the board is fully functional and can be used for the intended purpose. Some parameters that FCT checks for include:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Resistance
  • Capacitance and inductance
  • Open circuits
  • Communication protocols


FCT is also the stage where final serializing of the PCB can take place: adding serial numbers, calibrating the board or other specific work on the board before it is shipped out.


Since PCBs differ greatly from one to another, FCT test benches must be configured for different printed circuit board testing. Specialized testing firmware too must be designed for the specific boards. All this adds time and cost to the assembly process, but is prerequisite for ensuring your customers receive the high quality PCB they expect.


Permatech Electronics has been a leading provider of PCBs in Toronto and GTA for many decades. We strive to keep and build upon our reputation for high quality yet cost-effective boards, and invest in printed circuit board testing. We pride ourselves on the fact that our boards are known to be more durable and effective than many of the other leading manufacturers in the field. Testament to the production processes we employ and the quality control we undertake.


Our ethos is underlined by constant improvement and education. We are compliant with latest best practices for electronics quality assurance and follow rigorous internal quality assurance standards.

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