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Guaranteeing The High Quality Of Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Guaranteeing The High Quality Of Printed Circuit Board Assembly
May 16, 2018

A loss incurred during manufacturing is one of the major concerns any company has. A loss results in a decrease in reputation for the company, costs money and time to fix the loss, and also costs a customer’s satisfaction and money. No one wants this as it’s a loss for all parties involved. At Permatech Electronics, we pride ourselves in the most cost efficient production value in printed circuit board assembly so a loss would never occur!


How does Permatech Electronics do this consistently to be the best printed circuit board assembly service? Here are the ways the company achieves this:


Quality Control

Permatech Electronics’ adherence to the International Organization for Standardization’s quality management system requirements (ISO-9001:2008) ensures that the materials, processes and end products are high quality. This guarantees that items produced meet the requirements of the customer and enhances their satisfaction.


Volume Flexibility

The quality of the product is not sacrificed be it of small or medium volume. This is achieved by the company’s policy on production schedules to prevent any issues when it comes to the volume of work to be done. This is the key point identified which leads to a defective or substandard printed circuit board assembly production. Thus, be it a small or large lot, the proper scheduling of manufacturing and materials would retain the high quality guarantee of Permatech Electronics.


Cost Stability

Permatech Electronics’ internal quality policies do not only pertain to printed circuit board assembly. The materials, which is the large portion of the overall cost, are often subject to market fluctuations. The company, through its quality control and volume flexibility guarantees, would result in cost stability per printed circuit board assembly. Simply put, the controlled cost of materials would translate to cost efficiency and stability in the long run.


This is why Permatech Electronics has put a premium on quality control, volume flexibility and cost stability. These processes ensure a better printed circuit board assembly for the client’s needs. So if you require PCB assembly, trust us to do it right!

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