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How to Better Understand Printed Circuit Board Assembly
How to Better Understand Printed Circuit Board Assembly
March 06, 2018

Printed circuit board assembly is increasingly in demand by the manufacturing, industrial and commercial sectors. It is the process of putting together a printed circuit board (PCB) which is then used in countless electronic systems and devices. PCBA is a central part of modern life.


Printed circuit board assembly is done with a reflow furnace, using heat to connect all the parts to the printed boards.


Assembling printed circuit boards is a sensitive operation that poses many challenges and requires great attention to details. It demands immense skill and technical knowledge because of the many components involved in a complex setup. The more complex an electronic device is, the more components there are. You may wonder how to identify them and knowing the major parts of a board can help you understand printed circuit board assembly much better.


  • Resistors - are some of the most common parts in PCB and are usually color-coded. Some have Ohm values and resistance printed on them. Resistors are marked “R” on circuit boards.
  • Capacitors - they are usually marked as “C”, have their values printed and are color-coded.
  • Transformers - these parts are easily identifiable with a marked “T” and their specifications also printed.
  • Integrated circuits - these can be hard to identify for beginners, since many of them look the same. They are marked either as “IC” or “U” on a circuit board. Their specifications are on the datasheet that usually comes with the device.
  • Relays - they are marked “K”, have their values printed on them and are typically enclosed in plastic.
  • Diodes - they are the semiconductors which are marked “D” on the Printed circuit board assembly.
  • Fuses - these have voltage and amperage ratings printed on them.


Other printed circuit board assembly components include the bridge rectifiers, batteries, and more. These are just some of the parts which are most likely found on PCB. Circuit board assembly requires precision and accuracy in manufacturing those components.


As an ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturer, Permatech Electronics offers high reliability, accuracy and cost efficiency. We manufacture to IPC Level 2 & 3 of industry standards, and provide quality control that delivers high yields and optimal results. If you have unique or complex printed circuit board assembly requirements, you can trust us to meet them with high quality and precise services.

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