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Video: Quality Assurance and Testing
Video: Quality Assurance and Testing
February 28, 2018


If your business involves manufacturing of electronic products, you cannot risk any defects or glitches. At Permatech, printed circuit board assembly always involves complete testing of call components interconnected in your unique board. Printed circuit board testing must be performed thoroughly for your products to function at their absolute ideal capacity.


PCB testing is very, very important for several reasons. The primary aim of the testing, of course, is to avoid technical failures, which can be caused by flawed components or poor fitting positions. PCB testing also ensures compliance to manufacturing standards such as the IEEE, the ISO, and other globally-accepted standards.


Our boards must pass various reliability tests: visual inspections, automatic optical inspections, power measurement tests, and functional tests to ensure the highest degree of quality. At Permatech Electronics, we also comply to RoHS and our boards are guaranteed IPC Level two or three. Give us a call today!

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