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Make Sure Your Electronic Circuit Board Assembly is Functional
Make Sure Your Electronic Circuit Board Assembly is Functional
August 12, 2016

Electronic circuit board assembly may well have different methods. It generally goes through a few assembly steps such as solder paste stenciling, using a pick and place machine to build boards, allowing the paste to be reflowed to create a solid solder joint and so on.

The circuit boards can be single-, double or multi-sided and are used in many electronic products. When they are being assembled, the bare board is equipped with electronic components - the idea being to form a functional printed circuit assembly. The component leads are inserted in holes which keep the components in place. Through hole and surface mount, the components are soldered, making use of different soldering techniques to attach components to the board. SMT placement machines are usually used and skilled technicians solder tiny parts by hand making use of s microscope, sometimes tweezer and a soldering iron. There are however some parts which can't be soldered by hand.

Is your' 'Heart' Working Well?

When you consider that a circuit board is the 'heart' behind your computer, your medical machines, the way aircraft and automobiles operate, you begin to understand that only the finest hardware and services will do. Don't make the mistake of enlisting the services of a cheap, fly-by-night company, as your industry's success relies on quality circuit boards. It is vital for the success of your business or industry that the PCB manufacturer you choose has very rigorous standards in place as these boards happen to be the fundamental to the reliable and safe operation of the equipments.

Permatech offers electronic circuit board assembly services and have developed a reputation as a  reliable electronic circuit board assembly contract manufacturer that puts the necessary time and attention into each individual build. They purchase the components and deliver a complete circuit board to their customers according to their specifications. Why look anywhere else?


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