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Why Local Circuit Board Assembly Is Better
Why Local Circuit Board Assembly Is Better
March 13, 2018

While many hardware and technology companies turn to outsourced circuit board assembly in developing countries, there are many risk and issues involved with this approach. Local manufacturers, in contrast, provide more options, controlled standards and customer service when it comes to assembly.


Permatech Electronics is one of the top circuit board assembly outfits in the country, an established and well-trusted assembler with full certification.


 Choosing a strong company like Permatech instead of outsourcing overseas is the better because:

  • Communication. It is much easier to communicate with a manufacturer that is in the time zone and has reliable means of communication. This is most especially important for capital intensive products which often require circuit board assembly and customization. Ease of communication both ways, not merely relying on electronic messaging, is much less risky for an investment. One can even see firsthand the manufacturing process and speak directly with quality control officers.


  • Cost Efficiency. The cost of transport and freight, as well as the risk of damage, can be much greater if the finished circuit board assembly needs to travel great distances. The cost isn’t just about dollars and cents, but also time for transport as air freight is much more expensive then cargo ship travel. Any changes to an assembly run would require a lengthy turnaround time, downtime for your own staff and money that not every business can afford to waste.


  • Quality. Canadian standards on circuit board assembly as well as safety and environmental regulations are amongst the most stringent in the world. These guidelines ensure quality products, amongst them circuit boards. This is not necessarily the same in other parts of the world, where at times cost cutting measures are undertaken which affect the quality of product.


Ease of communication, cost efficiency and quality circuit board assembly are what makes Permatech Electronics the right choice. Contact us today to request a consultation or to find out more about circuit board assembly.

we're extremely staisfied with permatech and results, very impressive circuit work
Posted by: Marylin | April 5, 2018, 2:01 pm
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